Andamlak Belihu

Andamlak, knows the roads of India and especially Delhi very well. The 2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon champion is back to defend his title and shoot for another PB. He trains under coach Gemedu in a very succesfull group. Among the athletes he trains with is Guye Adola the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon course record holder and 2nd behind Eliud Kipchoge during the Berlin Marathon. Andamlak came to the international running scene impressing with stellar performances. He won the TCS Bangalore 10km earlier this year.

year event rank time
2019 World Championships 10.000m 5th 26:56.71
2019 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 4th 26:53.15
2019 TCS Bengaluru 10km 1st 27:56
2019 World Cross Championships 8th -
2019 Valencia Half Marathon 4th 59:19
2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 59:18
2018 African Championships 10.000m 2nd 29:11.09
2018 Ottawa 10km 1st 27:48
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:51
2017 World Championships 10.000m 10th 27:08.94 WJL
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 4th 27:20.57
2017 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 1st 28:32.4 (A)
Hagos Gebrhiwet

Frustrated by injuries the past season Hagos made a strong comeback last summer. The crown on his season without a doubt was his 12.45 clocking in Brussels August 2018 placing him 5th in the all-time rankings over 5.000m in history. The multiple World and Olympic medalist would make his first step to the longer distance in Delhi last year but unfortunately had to cancel last minute. After an even stronger and more impressive 2019 where he is the World Leader over 10.000m with a time of 26:48 which he set in Hengelo in July he’s delighted to take on the Delhi roads in October.

year event rank time
2019 World Championships 10.000m 9th 27:11.37
2019 London Diamond League 5.000m 1st 13:01.86
2019 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 1st 26:48.95 WORD LEAD
2019 Rome Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 12:54.92
2019 Stockholm Diamond League 10.000m 2nd 27:01.02
2019 Boston Indoor 3.000m 1st 7:37.41 WORD LEAD
2018 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 12:45.82
2018 BAA Boston 5km 1st 13:42
2018 World Indoor Championships 3.000m 4th 8:15.76
2016 Olympic Games 5.000m 3rd 13:04.35
2016 Boston Games 5.000m 2nd 13:00.20
2015 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 12:54.70
2015 World Championships 5.000m 3rd 13:51.86
2014 World Indoor Championships 3.000m 5th 7:56.34
2013 World Junior Cross Championships 1st -
2013 World Championship 5.000m 2nd 13:27.26
2012 Olympic Games 5.000m 11th 13:49.59
2012 African Junior Championships Cross 4th -
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 5th 7:45.11
Eric Kiptanui

Former 1.500m runner Eric Kiptanui is coached by Renato Canova. Under his guidens he realized early on in his career that he doesn’t have the real high speed to be a top competitor over 1.500m in the world. They therefore took 2 years of intense training focused on road races ultimately the half marathon distance which, since his impressive win and debut in Lisbon during a very windy half marathon proved to be a good decision. In Berlin he set the 3rd fastest time of 2018 (and 6th all-time rankings). Erik is one of the INEOS 1.59 pacers for Eliud Kipchoge as he also was a pacer for Eliud at the 2019 London Marathon.

year event rank time
2019 Kenyan 10.000m Championships and Trials 4th 28:24.8
2019 Nijmegen Global Athletics 10.000m 4th 27:33.42
2019 London Marathon pacer 1st group - -
2018 Kolkata 25km 4th 1:15:52
2018 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 58:42
2018 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 60:05
2017 San Silvestre Madrid 1st 27:34
2017 Iten Cross Country 2nd -
2016 African Championships 1.500m 7th 3:43.81
2016 Kenyan Championships 1.500m 3rd 3:37.73
Josphat Boit

Training under well-known Italian coach Renato Canova, Josphat made his international debut in 2018 in the Lago Maggiore Half Marathon. Training with Eric Kiptanui who set a 58.42 a week before in Berlin Half Marathon made him to be ready. In 2019 Josphat has been out with injuries, he’s now looking forward to a strong comeback.

year event rank time
2018 Valencia Half Marathon 10th 59:42
2018 Nocturno Valencia 15km 1st 42:02
2018 Lago Maggiore Half Marathon 3rd 59:19
Amdework Walelegn

Last year Amdework run a Turkish all comers record by being the first men to break the 1 hour barrier over the half marathon in Istanbul. The young up and coming Ethiopian talent came 2nd last year in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon where he set a big PB (59:22). After battling a knee injury earlier this year Amdework is looking back for a strong return in competition in Delhi.

year event rank time
2019 RAK Half Marathon 8th 59:39
2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:22
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 13th 60:37
2018 Istanbul Half Marathon 1st 59:50
2018 Riyadh Half Marathon 3rd 62:00
2018 Laredo 10km 1st 27:37
2017 Sevenhillsrace 15km 2nd 42:40
2017 World Junior Cross Championships 2nd  
2017 Barcelona 5.000m 2nd 13:14,52
2016 World Junior Championships 10.000m 4th 28:00,14
Kandie Kibiwott

Born and raised in Baringo county in a small village “Kapter”. As a child he used to be a herd boy looking after animals to help his family. He is the fourth born among5 brothers and 3 sisters. As a child he loved running but only started real training in 2017. At the moment he trains in Ngong, he won his first International race in Tarfaya (Morocco) in April 2019 which was a turning point in his life. In Lille half last September he really made a big step ahead by winning in a big PB of 59.31. His role models are Paul Tergat and Tegla Loroupe.

year event rank time
2019 Lille Half Marathon 1st 59:31
2019 Nairobi 10.000m 5th 28:45.7
2019 Kenyan Cross Championships 20th -
2017 Eldoret Half Marathon 14th 63:34
2017 Kabarak 15km 2nd 44:28
Moses Kurong

Moses started his career competing for the Police Club in Uganda on the track and cross country. He represented Uganda in ten international championships so far. In 2017 Moses committed to road racing and set the Ugandan record holder for Half Marathon. Moses lives and trains in Kapchorwa (Uganda). Moses was also one of the pacers for the NIKE Breaking 2 project.

year event rank time
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 19th 62:14
2019 Goteborg Half Marathon 4th 61:07
2019 Valencia 10km 4th 28:00
2018 Gifu Half Marathon 3rd 61:57
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 8th 29:14
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 3rd 60:10
2017 Copenhagen Half Marathon 6th 59:50 NR
2017 World Championships 10.000m 18th 27:50.71
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 6th 27:22.33
2016 Tilburg Ten Miles 3rd 46:05
2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 22nd 28:03.38
2016 Gouden Spike Leiden 10.000m 2nd 27:27.43
2016 Africa Cross Championships 11th -
2013 African Junior Championships 10.000m 1st 28:31.8
2013 African Junior Championships 5.000m 3rd 13:56.39
2013 World Junior Championships 10.000m 5th 29:06.87
Moses Kibet

Born in a small village on Mount Elgon, near the Ugandan boarder. His parents are farmers so growing up Moses was also looking after animals. Moses has 2 brothers and 3 sisters ow which two are also upcoming athletes themselves. In 2015 Moses decided to start serious training to pursue an international career. His idol is Eliud Kipchoge.

year event rank time
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 20th 63:17
2019 Yangzhou Half Marathon 2nd 59:58
2019 Rome Ostia Half Marathon 5th 62:10
2019 Ottawa 10km 5th 28:48
2018 Marseille-Cassis 4th 60:40
2018 Corrida de Languex 1st 28:26
2017 Klagenfurt Half Marathon 2nd 60:44
Alferd Barkach

Alfred was born in the valley in Baringo-county. It’s a place with a lot of hardships. Barkach’ family, over generations, have gone through some famines and more than once UN’s World Food Programme has come to the rescue to save life’s. Alfred is the first one of the family that went through school and he finished high school back in 2015. He was then already part of the holiday-camps in Iten where he was training under Brother Colm. After school he moved to train in Kaptagat where he developed into a fine distance-runner. He is very keen on playing checkers and very few want to play against him in the camp.

year event rank time
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 10th 60:22
2019 KDF Championships Nairobi 10.000m 3rd 28:20.6
2019 Nocturna Valencia 15km 2nd 42:27
2019 Nijmegen Global Athletics 10.000m 6th 27:34.88
2018 African Cross Championships 1st -
2018 Kenyan Cross Championships 2nd -
2017 Montferlandrun 15km 2nd 43:24
2017 Berlin Grand 10km 2nd 27:33
John Langat

John is a familiar face in India having run TCS Bangalore 10k and paced in the Airtel Delhi half marathon twice. John also made his half marathon debut in Delhi in 2017. John is married to marathon runner Jackline Chepngeno and they have one child together.

year event rank time
2019 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 2nd 46:20
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 11th 60:37
2019 Venlo half Marathon 4th 61:07
2018 Cape Town 12km 3rd 33:47
2018 Venlo half Marathon 5th 60:24
2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 9th 60:41
2017 Tilburg Ten Miles 5th 46:39
2017 Stadsloop Appingedam 1st 28:06
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 2nd 28:37
2016 Stadsloop Appingedam 1st 27:59
2016 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 5th 28:17.4
2015 Tilburg Ten Miles 2nd 45:37
2015 Stadsloop Appingedam 1st 27:58
2014 African Junior Cross Championships 4th -
Solomon Berihu

Solomon was born in Tigray in the North of Ethiopia and is one of four children with one brother and two sisters who are all students. He is very focussed on athletics and doesn’t have an interest in any other sports. His example for running is Hagos Gebrehiwot.

year event rank time
2019 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 45:51
2019 Ethiopian 10.000m Trials Hengelo 8th 27:02.26
2019 Rabat Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 13:16.08
2019 FBK Games Hengelo 5.000m 3rd 13:02.08
2018 Montferlandrun 15km 2nd 43:21
2018 African Junior Cross Championships 3rd -
2017 Herouville 5.000m 2nd 13:17.27
2017 World Junior Cross Championships 14th -
2016 Stockholm Diamond League 5.000m 6th 13:12.67
2016 African Junior Cross Championships 8th -
Mogos Tuemay


year event rank time
2019 Ethiopian 10.000m Trials Hengelo 12th 27:23.49
2019 Stockholm Diamond League 10.000m 4th 27:34.49
2019 Shanghai Diamond League 5.000m 13th 13:15.04
2019 World Cross Championships 18th -
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 9th 27:48.41
2016 African Championships Cross 12th 13:17.27
2014 African Junior Championships Cross 15th -
2013 World Youth Championships 3.000m 4th 8:03.83
Aychew Bantie


year event rank time
2019 Hengshui Marathon 1st 2:08:51
2019 Prague Marathon 3rd 2:06:23
2019 Mumbai Marathon 2nd 2:10:05
2018 Kosice Marathon 2nd 2:08:15
2018 Hamburg Marathon 18th 2:11:16
2018 Mumbai Marathon 5th 2:12:49
2017 Amsterdam Marathon 13th 2:09:40


Tsehay Gemechu

Tsehay started competitive running in 2014 in Ethiopia. She made her European debut in 2017 running the Paderborn Osterlauf 10km. Last year she made a lot of progression over 10km and turned her attention to the longer distances on the road. She made her debut in the 2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon breaking the CR in her first ever race! In 2019 she made her international track debut over 5000m which got her qualified for the World Championships in Doha where she managed to finish 4th in the final.

year event rank time
2019 World Championships 5.000m 4th 14:29.60
2019 All African Games 10.000m Rabat 1st 31:56.92
2019 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m Hengelo 6th 30:53.11
2019 Nijmegen Global Athletics 5.000m 1st 14:59.79
2019 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m Addis 2nd 32:17.2
2019 TCS Bengaluru 10km 6th 33:59
2019 World Cross Championships 6th -
2019 Valencia 10km 1st 30:15 WORLD LEAD
2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 66:50 COURSE RECORD
2018 Tilburg Ladies 10km 2nd 31:07
2018 Wiezoloop Wierden 10km 1st 31:53
2018 Oelde Citylauf 10km 2nd 32:14
2017 Paderborn Osterlauf 10km 7th 33:07
Caroline Kipkirui

Born in Kericho (area famous because of its tea plantations), she is the younger sister of fellow distance runner Mercy Cherono. In 2017 she paced the first half of the women’s only race during the London Marathon where Mary Keitany set the women’s only marathon record. In 2018 Caroline was the fastest women over 10km road with 30.19 and 4th fastest over half marathon (65.07). In 2019 so far she run the 3rd fastest time over half marathon.

year event rank time
2019 Peachtree Road Race 10km 4th 30:54
2019 London Diamond League 5.000m 5th 14:36.10
2019 Prague Half Marathon 1st 65:44
2018 Prague 10km 1st 30:19
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 3rd 31:28
2018 Prague Half Marathon 2nd 66:09
2018 RAK Half Marathon 3rd 65:07
2017 Great North Run 3rd 69:52
2017 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 14:27.55
2017 Birmingham 10km 1st 30:45
2016 Beach to Beacon 10km 3rd 32:03
2016 Stanford 10.000m 2nd 31:16.38
2013 World Junior Cross Championships 4th -
2012 World Junior Championships 5.000m 5th 15:58.10
2011 African Junior Championships Cross 1st -
2011 African Junior Championships 5.000m 1st 15:24.66
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 3rd 8:58.63
Zeineba Yimer

Zeineba comes from Wollo, a place 400km north of Addis Abeba. Zeineba started running at the age of 5 and later, after moving to Addis, further developed as an elite runner. Like many Ethiopian athletes Zeineba was inspired by Kenenisa Bekele to start running. After winning the Ethiopian trials in January 2018, Zeineba went on to take a fifth place at the World Half Marathon Championships in a new PB of 1:08:07.

year event rank time
2019 All African Games 10.000m 2nd 31:57.95
2019 Ethiopian 10.000m Trials Hengelo 4th 30:46.24
2019 Valencia Nocturno 15km 1st 46:52 WORLD LEAD
2019 RAK Half Marathon 3rd 65:46
2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 66:59
2018 Copenhagen Half Marathon 4th 66:21
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 6th 32:47
2018 World Championships Half Marathon 5th 68:07
2018 Ethiopian Championships Half Marathon 1st 70:24
2018 Egmond Half Marathon 1st 72:19
2017 Cardiff Half Marathon 4th 71:31
2017 World Junior Championships Cross 10th -
Edith Chelimo

Edith, after her divorce some years back, is a single mother who lives in Iten. She has a brother who lives in the USA and who studied at the University of Louisville. His name is Edwin Kibichyi who won the NCAA-title on the steeple in 2017. Edith is planning to make her debut in in marathon in 2020.

year event rank time
2019 Great Scottish Run Half Marathon 1st 67:38
2019 Iten 10km 2nd 32:35
2019 Nairobi 10.000m 3rd 33:07.38
2019 Houston Half Marathon 8th 67:56
2018 Valencia Half Marathon 3rd 66:18
2018 Appingedam 10km 1st 32:13
2018 Houston Half Marathon 5th 67:13
2017 Cardiff Half Marathon 1st 65:52
2017 Berlin Half Marathon 2nd 68:57
2017 Paris Half Marathon 3rd 70:59
2016 Annecy Half Marathon 1st 70:38
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 4th 32:50
2016 Parelloop 10km 1st 31:07
2014 African Cross Championships 4th -
Stacy Ndiwa

Under the guidens of Italian coach Gabriele Nicola, Stacy developed really well snatching two major medals in both the Commonwealth Games and African Championships in 2018. She had a baby in 2015 which took her out of competing internationally for most of 2015 and the whole of 2016. She has good memories of Delhi where she set her life time best over half marathon in 2018.

year event rank time
2019 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 6th 31:48.03
2019 Port Gentil 10km 5th 32:38
2019 Ottawa 10km 4th 31:40
2019 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 4th 67:16
2018 African Championships 10.000m 1st 31:31.17
2018 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 2nd 31:46.36
2018 African Championships Cross 4th -
2017 Usti Nad Labem Half Marathon 4th 69:09
2017 Corrida de Houilles 10km 1st 31:35
2015 World Cross Championships 5th -
2014 Brussels Diamond League 3.000m 7th 8:30.54
2014 Luanda 10km 1st 32:20
2011 African Junior Championships 1.500m 3rd -
Dera Dida

One remarkable feature of the 2019 World Cross Country Championships was how the Ethiopian team demonstrated their strength throughout the competition. Dera Dida’s case was no different. The last to hang on to Helen Obiri the eventual winner, took a Silver medal home to Ethiopia. It was not her first medal at a World Championship as she already won Silver back in 2015 at the World Junior Cross Championships in Guiyang China.

year event rank time
2019 All African Games 10.000m 3rd 31:58.78
2019 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 5th 30:51.86
2019 TCS Bengaluru 10km 5th 33:57
2019 World Championships Cross 2nd -
2019 Ethiopian Championships Cross 1st -
2018 Frankfurt Marathon 5th 2:22:39
2018 Dubai Marathon 7th 2:21:45
2017 World Championships 10.000m 14th 31:51.75
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 4th 30:56.48
2017 Houston Half Marathon 2nd 68:06
2016 Rome Diamond League 5.000m 8th 14:42.84
2016 African Championships Cross 4th -
2015 World Junior Cross Championships 2nd -
Sandrafelis Tuei

Sandrafelis was born on 20 jan 1998 in Kericho; she lives in Londiani where is the leader athlete of the Lemotit camp managed by coach Paul Kemei. Training mate of Beatrice Chebet (world jr ch in Tampere 5000m and world jr cross country) and Karen Chebet (world youth 2000sc).She represented Kenyan team in Cali where was silver in 2000sc and in Campala world jr xc.She debuted/won in road races on 2018 in Valencia with 30 57, she won Sao Paolo corrida de Sao Silvestre last year.On 2019 her debut in Lisbon marathon with 68 13.

year event rank time
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 12th 70:24
2019 Beach to Beacon 10km 2nd 31:37
2019 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 5th 32:38.36
2019 Valencia 15km 4th 49:19
2019 Lisbon Half Marathon 3rd 68:14
2018 Beach to Beacon 10km 1st 31.21
2018 Okpekpe Road Race 10km 2nd 33:33
2018 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 10th 32:11.92
2018 African Cross Championships 6th -
2018 Valencia 10km 1st 30:57
2017 African Junior Championships 5.000m 2nd 15:41.64
2017 World Junior Cross Championships 11th -
2016 World Junior Championships 3.000m 5th 8:55.77
2015 African Junior Championships 3.000m 3rd 9:38.60
Gete Alemayehu

Gete is very typical in the sense of traditional Ethiopian women. She claims drinking tea and conversating with her family amongst her favorite pastimes. Also, the cinema; but because she is still a young athlete who is working hard on the road training; she is devoted a lot of the time to training and rest only.

year event rank time
2019 Copenhagen Half Marathon 11th 70:05
2019 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 7th 30:53.32
2019 Port Gentil 10km 6th 32:38
2019 Ottawa 10km 6th 31:59
2019 Venloop Half Marathon 2nd 68:23
2018 Marseille Cassis 1st 68:46
2018 Houilles 10km 1st 31:12
2018 African Championships 10.000m 3rd 32:10.68
2018 Maia 10.000m 2nd 31:45.32
Yelamzerf Yehualaw

Yalemzerf was born in Amhara in the North of Ethiopia and she is 1 of 7 children with three other brothers and sisters. In her family she is the only one pursuing a running career and she is hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow Ethiopian and current President of the Ethiopian Athletics federation, Derartu Tulu. Outside of running Yalemzerf likes swimming and her favourite food is cooked vegetables.

year event rank time
2019 All African Games Half Marathon 1st 70:26
2019 Rabat Half Marathon 1st 69:13
2019 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m Addis Abeba 5th 32:21
Irene Cheptai

Irene surprised last March by taking Gold at the World Cross Championships in Kampala. Coached by famous Italian coach Renato Canova, Irene’s career started to take a leap forward crowned by a gold medal at World Cross. Irene combines all surfaces but primarily focus is on track and cross country. Her international 10km road debut will be the 2017 TCS World 10k Bengalure which she won. She took her first international medal at the World Junior Cross Championships in 2008 where she won Silver only losing in a finishing sprint from Genzebe Dibaba. In May 2018 she gave birth to her daughter, Jasmin. This year is the year of Irene’s comeback to international competition and she has chosen Delhi as her debut half marathon.

year event rank time
2019 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 2nd 50:35
2019 Prague 10k 5th 31:27
2019 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 7th 31:51.90
2017 World Championships 10.000m 7th 31:21.11
2017 TCS Bengaluru 10k 1st 31:51
2017 World Championships Cross 1st -
2017 Kenyan Cross Championships 1st -
2016 Payton Jordan 10.000m 1st 31:15.38
2016 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 6th 14:43.42
2015 World Championships Cross 7th -
2015 World Championships 5.000m 7th 15:03.41
2015 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 6th 14:53.32
2013 World Championships Cross 10th -
2008 World Junior Championships Cross 2nd -
2008 World Youth Championships 3.000m 7th 9:22.05