The most fun you can have with your sports shoes on (or out of them).

  • Wear A Costume. Come with Family. Your Colleagaues. Your Pals. Create memories.
  • Stroll. Run. Get your Medal. Above All Have Fun.
  • Come celebrate the spirit of Delhi, be a part of the Great Delhi Run.


Distance 5.0 KM
Minimum Age Eligibility 12 Years (born on or before 17.10.2008)
  • The Great Delhi Run this edition has undergone a transformation, with the aim of enhancing participants’ experience.
  • Great Delhi Run distance is a measured 5 kilometre distance; 5K is a well-established distance internationally.
  • All Great Delhi Run finishers will get a finishers medal post-race, which they can proudly adorn.
  • Every Great Delhi Run participant’s run timing will be captured using the timing bib tag. Finish times of every participant completing the distance within 60 minutes of start time, will be available online on race day.
  • Further, a certificate signifying your participation at Great Delhi Run, including featuring your finish time, where crossed the finish line in 60 minutes, will be available for download from, post 21 working days of race day.
  • Though being timed, the Great Delhi Run is in essence a fun and participative category, where a majority run in groups in support of a cause/charity. The Event Promoter cannot ensure priority line-up and a free passage to runners in this category.
  • Each applicant above 21 years of age will have an option to register up to 2 children between the ages of 10 years and less than 12 years as on 17th October 2020, at Rs 350 each. No direct registration is allowed for children between the age of 10 years and less than 12 years. No application of a child (between 10 years and less than 12 years of age, as on 17th October 2020) will be accepted without the Guardian’s application.
  • For direct registrations of 60 years and above as on 17th October 2020, the fees will be Rs 350 per applicant.
  • For direct registrations of 12 years and less than 60 years as on 17th October 2020, the fees will be Rs 700 per applicant.
  • Race day photos will be available to view and purchase on post 48 hours of race day. (subject to photo being captured on race day)
  • Race day t-shirt/singlet is not offered to any participant of Great Delhi Run, Senior Citizens’ Run & Champions With Disability.
  • As a step towards going plastic free, we shall not be using any plastic bottles at the venue as well as on the course. Water shall be made available at the venue and course in paper cups
  • For more information, please check FAQs