Testimonial of Runners

I always drink Activate before my long runs/races, then sip Reload for my electrolytes during the run. I also take gels in practice runs more than 25K and use Recover+ charge at the end of the day to recover from the stress of training my body has undergone.

Dr. Neera Katwal

Playing a key role in my training and helped me win Triple Gold Medals in Asian Masters Athletic Championship held in Malaysia last year. Fast&up gives me the sustainable energy which is most needed to complete my key workouts.

Mohamed Idris

My experience with Fast&Up products has always been extremely positive , productive and beneficial to my running performance and health . Their nutrition and hydration products enable me to train long hours and and give me strength and stability for intense workouts. Their products are designed to aid in muscle recovery as well as optimise performance.

Anjali Saraogi

I've been using fast and up products for last few years and now they are integral part of my training. I started using the Reload initially and now I use most of the products depending upon my needs. They have solution for each stage, pre post and during the workout as they are developed keeping in mind an athletes needs.

Tarun Walecha

About Fast&Up & ADHM

Fast&Up is thrilled to be the Official Energy Drink of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, and is thrilled to once again fuel the determined spirit of runners across India.

Nutrition Strategies for ADHM

Best Seller Products

Fast&Up Reload - Combo of 4 Tubes - Blueberry Flavour

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Fast&Up Activate - Combo of 3 Tubes - Orange Flavour

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Fast&Up Recover - Combo of 2 Tubes - Raspberry Flavour

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Fast&Up Terra - Active Greens - 40 scoops - Superfoods and Supergreens

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Fast&Up BCAA - Jar of 30 servings - Cola Flavour

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Fast&Up Energy Gel - Bundle of 5 Gels - Chocolate Flavour

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Fast&Up Energy Gel - Bundle of 5 Gels - Strawberry Banana Flavour

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Fast&Up Glutamine Muscle Recovery - 60 Servings

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Fast&Up - N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - Combo of 3 Tubes

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Fast&Up Pre Workout - 30 Servings - Watermelon Flavour

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Fast&Up PreWorkout & Glutamine Combo

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Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine - Combo of 4 Tubes - Cola Flavour

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Fast&Up Terra - Plant Protein - 10 Servings - Ghana Chocolate

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Fast&Up Terra - Organic Spirulina Plus - 100 Servings - For Iron and Immunity

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Fast&Up Terra - Wheatgrass Plus - 30 Servings - Unflavoured

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Pre Run

Get ready for your run with Fast&Up Activate. Boost your performance with increased stamina and endurance.

During Run

When you think you’re hitting the wall, give yourself a boost of instant energy with the Fast&Up Energy Gel. All you have to do is: bit, squeeze and action!


Runners need to replace the fluids they lose during a run. Rehydrate with the complete profile of electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps and get instantly recharged with energy.

Post Run

After an exhausting run, support your recovery process with reduced muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness with Fast&Up Recover.



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