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About BodyFirst®

BodyFirst is a Wholistic Wellness & Sports Nutrition company, which believes in the ideology of ATMANIRBHAR and “Go Vocal for Local”, manufacturing all its products in India. It aims to make India nutritionally efficient with it's Vegetarian, Clean, Safe, & Qualified products, formulated with clinically studied and researched ingredients. BodyFirst® caters to the nutritional needs of sports enthusiasts, hobby seekers, gym goers, senior citizens, children, women, students, corporate professionals & the entire family, building preventive wellness for better health.

Right from sourcing our scientifically studied, World’s Best ingredients to evaluating right dosing and getting the final product in a format that is user friendly, we have taken utmost care to maintain quality.

BodyFirst® brings natural ingredients based products like KSM66® Ashwagandha for managing stress, providing energy & strength; super-antioxidant AstaReal® Astaxanthin for building immunity, stamina & endurance; Vegan Omega3 (Megashine-O®) for Healthy Heart, Joints & Respiratory health; Fenugreek fiber (Fenulike®) for healthy weight management & gut health; Highest Bioavailable Curcumin for Healthy Joint & Immunity; My Crunch Protein Bar for healthy snacking; From the waters of Irish Coast, Aquamin® Magnesium for muscle & mental health; Plant Protein that can be added to all your favourite dishes as well as Finest & World class Whey Protein for various age groups

BodyFirst® aims to add a range of about 50 unique products with Innovative delivery formats with Natural Ingredients sourced Indigenously and from different parts of the World like USA, Japan, Europe. During it's endeavour in journey of Wellness, will bring in top class Experts for Education, Awareness & Engagement of the Consumers

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