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The lead car of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

ALTROZ - India’s Safest Hatchback is proud to associate itself with the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM). As the official car of the marathon, the ALTROZ is all set to lead participants who are determined to bring about a positive change in their health and in their way of life. Buckle up to witness the premium hatchback, as it drives runners from all walks of life to set #TheGoldStandard.

ALTROZ is India’s only hatchback to receive full 5-star safety rating from Global NCAP. Loaded with powerful BS6 engines, advanced technology and premium comfort features, the ALTROZ is a personification of the 5-star spirit of the athletes participating in the ADHM.

Altroz Triva

Altroz is the lead car for ADHM 2020

In two marathons so far the Altroz has driven runners to set #TheGoldStandard

ADHM runners and Altroz put safety first to unlock performance

Altroz is the only hatchback to have a 5 star GNCAP rating

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Toll Free Number : 1800 209 8282